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COVID 19 Notice: Remote meetings available.
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When someone is under investigation or arrested for a criminal offense, the legal representation of an experienced criminal defense lawyer is indispensable.  There are very few things in life that are more stressful than getting caught up in a criminal investigation or prosecution.  At Z&P Law Group we possess the knowledge necessary to protect the constitutional rights of a criminal suspect or defendant.




Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights

The legal rights of a criminal defendant must be safeguarded during every phase of a criminal case.  The prosecutor in a criminal case is intent on obtaining a conviction.  Therefore, the role of a criminal defense lawyer is an essential aspect of the U.S. criminal justice system. One of the benefits of having Z&P Law Group represent you is that you have all of these questions answered clearly and comprehensively.


Although every criminal case is unique, requiring a comprehensive investigation of the evidence, there are a number of constitutionally guaranteed rights that every defense lawyer has sworn to uphold. It is our duty to let you know and understand all of the legal details surrounding your case. From there, Z&P Law Group can offer you sound legal advice, and give you options on how to move forward with your case.


The role of a criminal defense lawyer, at Z&P Law Group, is to build an effective legal defense on behalf of a criminal defendant. 

Building a Strong Defense

Depending on the circumstances of the case and the previous criminal record of the accused, it is often possible to negotiate a reduction in charges or even an outright dismissal of the case.  The attorneys at Z&P Law Group will take the first step toward building clients a strong defense.


When a criminal defendant’s freedom is placed in jeopardy, the importance of establishing a confidential relationship with a defense attorney cannot be overemphasized.  This vital ingredient of an effective defense strategy is the best way to empower a legal representative as they strive to identify key weaknesses in the government’s case.  Every shred of evidence must be carefully scrutinized and compared with the prosecution’s version of the events that resulted in criminal charges being filed.

Represent You in Court

The privileged relationship between a criminal defendant and his or her defense attorney is a fundamental aspect of the criminal justice system.  Once a criminal defendant has obtained the advice and counsel of an Z&P Law Group, they may respond to a criminal charge. 

The attorneys at Z&P Law Group are always present at your case, make strong arguments and objections for you, and ultimately get the jury to decide in your favor.

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